March 5, 2015 leonardh

Credit Cards Shouldn’t Run Off Clients

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Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit a small restaurant in rural. Because I am a salesman and cover a huge area, I visit a lot of diners. This was one that came recommended to me by local residents. Upon eating a very good burger I found out they had some serious issues with the installation of their point-of-sale system. I offered to be available whenever they needed help. Then I offered to assist them in completing the installation of their system even though they weren’t my client nor would they be for years because they were locked into a competitor’s long term contract. My offer came with the understanding that I would be getting extremely dirty in their ceiling with NO financial benefit to me. But I felt bad that they were left high-n-dry for months without the assistance needed to have the most productive installation of a system that isn’t cheap.
My next visit to their location was mainly to check on when I would be needed to help. When I entered, I was paying attention mainly to my phone because I was attempting to complete several tasks at once. I again ordered a burger and it was better than a fast food burger but nothing to be arrogant about. I spoke to the assistant manager and she informed me their electrician hasn’t given her a date yet for installation. I was, at this point, in a great mood. When I prepared to pay, this is where things went drastically wrong.
I was informed they won’t accept my debit card for less than $10 & my charge was only $7.25. I told her I understand being an agent for a processor, and she could just add $0.50 to cover their expenses. The manager says “that’s not our policy.” I said “ma’am if you don’t accept charges for less than $10, it’s because of the expense right?” She states “It’s our owners policy and if you don’t like it buy something else to reach $10 or pay cash.” This was followed by “did you not read the 2 signs on your way in?” Truthfully no, I was paying attention to my phone. I asked “ma’am you do understand I’m going to assist you in installing your POS system for free right?” Her response was “So.” So I went and got cash, paid $3 to BB&T to get out a $20, returned & paid my bill.
Today the owner called me and introduced herself. She wasted no time and started by telling me off. She then explained that just because I’m helping her that I’m not above her policies, her policy of not accepting charges under ten dollars is posted everywhere and that not accepting #creditcards for small charges has somehow increased her business. I tried getting across to her that the Cost of Customer Acquisition by far outways $0.28 she would pay for a client to run a cc transaction. She told me that their business has been there forty years so I must not understand what I’m talking about.
To this point, she hasn’t once apologised for the rude manner in which her manager talked to me but instead chose to double down on the rude confrontational manner. She never even took the time to thank me for assisting them in getting their installation right so my competitors POS system would operate in the best manner. To this I can only scratch my head and wish their competitors all the best.

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